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Privacy Policy


Copyrights/Trademarks/Restrictions on use all of the pages and screens on the site are owned and controlled by South Dakota State University, except as otherwise expressly stated, and are protected by U.S. copyright laws and international treaties. The copyrighted materials on the site include, but are not limited to, the text, design, software, images, graphics, source code, and the content on the site. You are authorized to view the information available on the site for your informational purposes only. You may download copyrighted materials for your personal or internal business purposes only. You acknowledge that you do not acquire any ownership rights by downloading copyrighted material. You may not copy, display, distribute, transfer, link to, reproduce, license, frame, alter, create derivative works of or republish all or any portion of the Site for any commercial or public purpose without Williston State College's prior written consent.
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