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Williston State College's Housing & Residence Life department provides students with a convenient, inclusive, and enriching living experience. Our on-campus residences offer a variety of housing options to cater to different needs and preferences. Each residence is equipped with essential amenities such as comfortable living spaces, high-speed internet access, and laundry facilities. Additionally, our housing facilities feature common areas that encourage social interaction and collaboration among students. Research has consistently shown that living on campus has numerous benefits for students. It has been proven that students who live on campus tend to have higher retention rates, perform better academically, and have increased opportunities for involvement in campus activities and organizations. Living on campus fosters a strong sense of community, allowing students to form lasting friendships, develop interpersonal skills, and engage in a well-rounded college experience. Furthermore, the proximity to campus resources, such as the Learning Commons, Teton Grill, and Williston Area Recreations Center, provides students with easy access to the tools and opportunities necessary for their personal and academic growth. Williston State College's Housing & Residence Life department aims to create a supportive and vibrant living environment that enhances the overall college experience for our students.

How to Apply

Students must claim thier Campus Connection account to access the online housing application. Click here for more information on how to claim your account.

Residence Halls (Frontier & Nelson Hall)

Students who have claimed their CampusConnection account can click the button below to access your Housing Self-Service portal, then click on 'Applications' to find the residence hall housing application. Click here for a application guide.

Apartments (Manger & Abramson Hall)

See the contract for each apartment for eligibility requirements. (See Apartment Contract under Abramson Hall and Manger Hall tiles) If you are eligible, you will follow the same process to apply, but you will choose the apartment application from the list.

Please make sure to select the appropriate application that pertains to you.



Students who choose to cancel their Fall housing and dining reservation must do so by contacting the Department of Residential Life on or before August 1st.  Spring housing and dining reservations must be cancelled prior to the first day of classes for the Spring semester. A late cancellation fee of $50 will be charged to anyone who cancels after the cancellation dates. All housing contracts are binding for the entire academic year. Meal plans changes must be submitted before the first day of the term (Fall or Spring).

Residence Halls

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Frontier Hall
  • Co-ed suite style residence hall
  • Large lounge areas with pool table, foosball tables
  • Air conditioning
  • Spacious community areas
  • Coin operated laundry
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Nelson Hall
  • Co-ed suite style residence hall
  • Shared laundry
  • Small community
  • Cozy lounge areas
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Abramson Hall
To apply for Abramson Hall please contact wsc.housing@nomurahiroshi.net.
  • Co-ed apartment style hall
  • Air conditioned
  • Shared laundry
  • Small community
  • Full kitchen in each apartment
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Manger Hall
To apply for Manger Hall, please contact wsc.housing@nomurahiroshi.net.
  • Co-ed apartment style hall
  • Air conditioned
  • Shared laundry
  • Small community
  • Full kitchen in each apartment


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Dining Costs
Residential Meal Plan Rates 2023 - 2024
Meals Per Week Flex Dollars Cost Per Semester   
10 meals per week +$25 flex dollars $2,040.50/semester  
14 meals per week +$50 flex dollars $2,240.50/semester  
19 meals per week +$50 flex dollars $2,413/semester  
冰球突破豪华版游戏下载 flex dollars may be used at the 冰球突破豪华版游戏下载 Bookstore and the Teton Grill. Unused balances are forfeited at the end of each semester. Additional flex dollars can be purchased in 冰球突破豪华版游戏下载 Financial Services Office (Stevens Hall 204).

Frontier and Nelson Hall Residents are required to purchase a minimum meal plan of 10 meals per week. Residential meal plans include 2 guest meals per semester.
Off Campus Meal Plans 2023 - 2024
Meals Flex dollars Cost  
20 meals   $177  
65 meals   $572  
80 meals + $50 flex dollars $701  
Off campus meal plans can be purchased in the 冰球突破豪华版游戏下载 Financial Services Office (Stevens Hall 204) with the Off-Campus Meal Plan Sign Up Form. Off campus meal balances carryover from fall to spring semester. Unused meals are then forfeited at the end of the spring semester.
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Housing Costs
Housing Rates 2023-2024
Hall Housing Type Double Room Single Room
Frontier Hall Residence Hall $2050/semester $3050/semester
Nelson Hall Residence Hall $1650/semester $2450/semester
Abramson Hall Apartment Style From $685 - 735/mo. (2bd) From $600/mo. (1bd)
Manger Hall Apartment Style From $685 - 735/mo. (2bd) From $600/mo. (1bd)
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Summer Housing
Williston State College offers a safe and convenient home base in Williston, North Dakota for summer interns and college students. Whether affiliated with 冰球突破豪华版游戏下载 or another college or university, students are able to participate in the many internship opportunities in the region during the summer months.

All summer housing residents are placed in Frontier Hall.
  • $25 per night for double occupancy
  • $35 per night for single occupancy
Summer residents must be:
  • 18 year of age or older at the time of move-in
  • Enrolled as a matriculated student in an accredited college or university
  • Or, employed in an internship or supervised research in the Williston area
Williston State College students are eligible for summer housing without employment in an internship or research program. 
Students or businesses interested in summer housing should contact the Director for Residence Life

Policies and Information

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Who to Call?
RA DUTY PHONE  | 701.339.3733
locked out, need advice, safety and concern reporting

冰球突破豪华版游戏下载 SECURITY  | 701.570.6699
safety and concern reporting

POLICE, NON-EMERGENCY  | 701.577.1212
need police assistance, file a police report

emergency situations, ambulance, fire, police

HOUSING OFFICE | 701.774.4528
8-4:30 M-F | wsc.housing@nomurahiroshi.net


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What if I decide not to attend 冰球突破豪华版游戏下载 and I've already paid my application fee?  Will I get a refund?

The $40.00 application fee is non-refundable.  

How do I acquire the housing scholarship?

Both the 2023 Regional and Non-Regional Housing Scholarship is available to all qualified graduates regardless of year. There is not an application for this scholarship. Recipients will be notified of their award status when the student has had a successful move-in to Frontier Hall confirmed by the Housing Director. Failure to meet any of the terms or conditions listed below will result in ineligibility for and or loss of this scholarship.



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Spring 2024 Move-In Information

Spring Move-In Dates & Times

Move-In & Winter Welcome Back starts on Sunday, January 7th from 9am to 5pm.

Residence Halls 

Move-in time blocks are set to provide a positive move-in experience that assists in reducing congestion and allocating staff and resources in a manner that best assists students and guests. We appreciate your cooperation in arriving in the time block associated with your assignment. If the time block does not work, due to distance or other commitments, you may move-in at a time between the hours of 9am and 5pm that works best with your travel plans. If you need to move in outside of the time block please email wsc.housing@nomurahiroshi.net. 

Check-In Locations

All students will check-in, on the first floor of Frontier Hall in the lobby.

Students assigned to Frontier Hall & Nelson Hall will move-in under the following schedule:

Students assigned to floors 2 or 3 (room number starts with a 2 or a 3) will move in from 9am to 12pm
Student assigned to floors 1 (room number starts with a 1) will move in from 12pm to 2pm


Students assigned to Manger Hall & Abramson Hall  will move-in under the following schedule: 

Students assigned to unit/room # beginning with 1 will move in from 10am to 12pm
Students assigned to unit/room # beginning with 2 will move in from 12pm to 2pm

Students that prefer to move into their assigned residence hall from 2-5 p.m. are welcome to do so but must contact wsc.housing@nomurahiroshi.net.

Any student requesting to move-in prior to Sunday, January 7th must call the Residential Life Office at 701-774-4528 to make arrangements. Exceptions can be made for international students and others on a case by case basis. Student athletes that are required to present to campus early by request of the coach do not have to contact the Residence Life office.

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Is it possible to live in a residence hall and not purchase a meal plan?
Meal plans are required for all students living in Frontier or Nelson Halls. Apartment style housing does not require a meal plan but students may elect to have one.

What do I do if I have an allergy?
Food Services management is trained to assist with special types of dietary needs. If you have an allergy or a specific dining need you are encouraged to visit with the Food Service Director immediately. The Food Service Director can be contacted at willistoncollege@aladdinfood.com or at 701.774.4274.  
Is the cafeteria open during holidays?
Holiday hours vary in the Teton Grill from limiting hours to closing. Holiday specific hours will be posted on the Teton Grill website and communicated with students via their 冰球突破豪华版游戏下载 email address. If the grill does close for a holiday, students are welcome to get prepared meals ahead of time.
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Hall & Room
Do I have to live in a residence hall?
All first-year students are required to live in a residence hall on campus for their first, full academic year or apply for an exemption.   Find out more about the First Year Living Requirement.  
Are rooms assigned by seniority?
Rooms are assigned, first come, first serve, based on the application completion date. An application is not considered complete until the housing application fee has been paid.  Room assignments are sent to the student’s 冰球突破豪华版游戏下载 email account on or before August 1st.  

Are there single rooms available? 
There are a limited number of single rooms available at an additional 50% of the double occupancy rates.  All rooms in Frontier Hall are designed as double rooms, however, rooms will be tripled as necessary.  All students will have a roommate unless a single is designated on the application; the application completion date will determine the order in which students receive a single room. Additional charges apply.  

Is bedding supplied by 冰球突破豪华版游戏下载?
冰球突破豪华版游戏下载 supplies all students with a xl twin bed, dresser, desk, and chair.  Students must bring their own bedding, towels, and personal items. Find out more about what to bring to campus.  Students may also order bedding packages through DormCo.com.  Orders can be sent directly to 冰球突破豪华版游戏下载 prior to your arrival!
What will my suite/room look like?
Natural light pours into each room through a large window highlighting the tall ceilings and industrial feel. Beds have the ability to loft at six different heights so students are able to customize their room to suit their needs and personal style. To view layouts and photos, click here.  Typically, four rooms share a common space consisting of a large mirrored vanity, three sinks and multiple drawers and cabinets for storage. Within this common space, there are two private rooms with showers and toilets.     
Can I bring my pet?
Pets (other than fish in a tank no larger than 10 gallons) are not permitted in any residence halls and/or rooms.  

How often to RA's check on your room's cleanliness?
Room checks are completed at least once per semester.  Specific days and times will be communicated to residents via their
冰球突破豪华版游戏下载 email address in addition to being posted throughout the Residence Halls.

Can I say in my room over breaks?
Residence halls close during Thanksgiving and Spring Break; however, students may stay for no additional cost. Student are charged $12 per night for housing over Winter Break between semesters. All students must register to stay over break; though, housing approval is not guaranteed.  During breaks there is a zero-tolerance behavior policy is in place and no guests including non-resident students are permitted during these times.


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Are the entrances to the Residence Halls secured?
冰球突破豪华版游戏下载 residence halls are locked 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  Residents gain access through the main entrances via their key fob issued by the Housing Office. 

What are other security features available at 冰球突破豪华版游戏下载?
冰球突破豪华版游戏下载 Security Services are available on campus throughout the week. Security responds to calls for assistance including emergency and crisis situations and provides other safety-related services. Security can be reached at 701-570-6699. In addition to on-campus security, all residence halls are equipped with video surveillance.

What is the guest policy?
冰球突破豪华版游戏下载 permits invited guests in the residence halls as long as they are escorted by residents.  Residence hall visitation hours are 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM Sunday through Thursday and 10:00 AM to 2:00 AM Friday and Saturday.  All guests of residents must be signed in upon entry and signed out upon departure.  Any overnight guest must be approved by the Director of Residence Life and guest stay must not exceed 72 hours without written permission.  Residents are responsible for the behavior of guests and liable for loss or damage to property caused by their guests.  
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May I choose my roommate?
You and another individual can request to be roommates on you housing applications. 冰球突破豪华版游戏下载 does it's best to honor these requests. 

If I do not have a roommate preference, what factors will be used to select a roommate for me?
If a roommate is not requested, you will be assigned one based on your preferences on the housing application.  Roommates are matched using specific questions regarding what you are looking for in a roommate. Be sure to answer these questions honestly to help with the best placement.  

What happens if I don't get along with my roommate?
On-campus living provides a unique opportunity to meet new people, experience different cultures, lifestyles, and backgrounds. We encourage roommates to work through initial concerns and perceptions of each other rather than expecting an immediate roommate switch.  Students should work with Residence Life staff if they need further information regarding room/roommate changes.

Residence Halls @ 冰球突破豪华版游戏下载

Lounge Area
Lounge Area
Third floor kitchen
Third floor kitchen
Pool Table Livdahl Lounge
Pool Table Livdahl Lounge
Dorm room
Dorm room
Dorm room
Dorm room
Frontier Hall at night
Frontier Hall at night

Director of Student & Residence Life

Chris Kadrmas
Stevens Hall, 105C
p. 701.774.4528
f. 701.774.4211
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